LucidMood Party

"Reach for the sweet and spicy Party pen"

Product Description

Reach for the sweet & spicy Party pen for a night of socializing, dancing, and intimacy 

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Grassroots Torch Blueberry Disposable Pen 82.10% THC

CBN: 0.50%, CBG: 2.10%, THCV: 0.50%, CBC: 0.30% a-Pinene: 2.93%, b-Pi...

Grassroots Torch Citrus Disposable Pen 86.70% THC

THCV: 0.70%, CBG: 1.80% a-Pinene: 0.82%, b-Pinene: 0.37%, b-Myrcene: ...

LucidMood Calm

"Unwind and center yourself"

LucidMood Energy

"Great for hiking, skiing, or working out."

LucidMood Relief

"Soothe aches and relax stiff limbs naturally."

LucidMood Sleep

"Melt your day away."