Dixie Vanilla Tincture CBD/THC

"sweet vanilla flavor combined with a pure THC infusion"

Product Description

A sweet vanilla flavor combined with a pure THC infusion creates a tincture that’s anything but plain. These delightfully floral Dew Drops are packaged with a clearly demarked dropper for easy and accurate dosing. Which makes them the perfect combination of expected and exotic.

Source: Dixie Elixirs


10:1 Feel Collection CBD Tincture

CBD 275.6mg, THC 20.8mg, THCV 13.0mg, CBC 11.7mg, CBV 1.3mg

Feel Dreamy CBN 1:1 Tincture

THC:60.45mg,CBN:54.73mg,CBD: 8.71mg,THCa: 7.28mg,CBG: 3.12mg