Green Tea Lemonade Tincture (THC)

"Serenity in a sip!"

Product Description

Serenity in a sip! Two thirst-quenching mixes quickly release the magic of THC.

Source: Kind Therapeutics


Cinnamon Tincture CBD/THC

"delivers a milder high with noticeable health benefits"

Dixie Vanilla Tincture CBD/THC

"sweet vanilla flavor combined with a pure THC infusion"

Feel Comfort CBD 2:1 Tincture

"A route to renewal, this blend of cannabis extract, essential oi...

Feel Dreamy CBN 1:1 Tincture

"A road to restfulness, this blend of cannabis extract, essential...

Mary's Medicinals The Remedy CBD Oil

"CBD, cinnamon oil, myrrh, and sweet almond oil"

Relax by Feel Collection

"A pathway to peacefulness, this blend of cannabis extract, essen...