10:1 Feel Collection CBD Tincture

CBD 275.6mg, THC 20.8mg, THCV 13.0mg, CBC 11.7mg, CBV 1.3mg

Product Description

A Route to renewal, this blend of cannabis extract and essential oils includes orangic lemon myrtle,organic peppermint and grapeseed oil.


Green Tea Lemonade Tincture (THC)

"Serenity in a sip!"

Healer Night Drops Tincture 100mg

THC: 92mg, THCA: 7.6mg, CBG: 3.2mg

Healer Whole Plant CBD Tincture 100mg

THC: 4.4mg, CBD:81.2mg, CBDA: 12.8mg, CBG: 2mg,